Berlin history...a long way back

4. Berlin history... a long way back


My great grandmother was born in Berlin: Selma Hewald, born Oct 20, 1867. My great grandfather, Laurenz Moritz Enting, was born Westphalia (apparently Westfalen, Germany) Oct 31, 1857.


Selma Hewald and her family left Berlin and travelled to New Zealand, arriving about 1875. Selma met Moritz in NZ and they married in Napier, June, 1887. They had six children, one being my grandmother who was born in NZ in 1895. 


Selma's mother, Charlotte,  was born in Frankfurt, and her father, Martin Hewald, born Germany. They married in Berlin.


Other details: (if correct):

Laurenz Enting trained to be a priest in Germany, but one day, while in Hamburg, he decided to give it up, and quit, apparently, and left Germany to go to London. He left there and got work as a chef on a ship, and sailed around the Atlantic before arriving in NZ. His parents stayed in Germany. He had a few siblings, and one of his brothers went to the UK possibly. In NZ, Laurenz met Selma Hewald, who had also emigrated from Germany (Berlin) with her family when young. It seems he worked for awhile in a tavern in NZ as a pastry chef in a business with Selma's father, Martin Hewald. Laurenz died in NZ in 1907, at age 49.  He was found drowned in a pond after one night having left his work at the tavern. (Apparently, he was a bit of a drinker, and a jury found no evidence of foul play).


Other ancestry, going way back, is UK.  My great grandfather (Albert Newman, married: Phoebe Bee) was born in UK in 1840 (emigrated to NZ) as were his parents (James Newman, born 1779, married: Maltida Mount; and: James Newman, born 1771, married: Hibbert) and grandparents. My grandfather (Albert's son) was born in NZ. 


Albert and Phoebe's son (my grandfather) married Selma and Laurenz's daughter (Gretchen, my grandmother) in NZ. (I am a NZ citizen).


Other history: UK

1914 - 1918:  My grandfather (Albert and Phoebe's son) fought in WW1 on the side of the 'allies' and was in the army of occupation in Cologne in 1919. He survived the war, then returned to New Zealand. He later met and  married to my grandmother, Gretchen, whose parents had emigrated from Germany, and whose mother was born in Berlin.  (If correct: one or maybe several, of Gretchen's brothers, being NZ citizens, also fought in WW1 on the side of the 'allies').  


Laurenz (Moritz) Enting had three brothers, and he was the youngest: Names were, apparently: Bernard, Anton and William. It seems two of them stayed in Germany, and one went to the UK and worked in a tavern there. 


By Katrina Wood 2013

(written by Katrina Wood, 2013, edited since).

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