Music and The Beatles

3. Music and The Beatles

Music is an interesting subject: I tried to find the name of the double album I had while in Texas in 1981 as an exchange student: it was by the Beatles. On it was: 'Back to the USSR' among other songs. (Others were, I think: 'Hey Jude',' My guitar gently weeps', and a few others).


I took some tapes over to the USA with me, but they did not work in the stereo I had in the USA. So I either bought or was given while in the USA this Beatles double album. My favourite song was 'Back to the USSR'.  


In the last few years I made some effort to find out if someone can remember me playing it, as I have not found the name of the album looking at the internet. The 'white ablum' seems closest to it, but I don't think the cover of the double album I had was the same as the white album. 


Later, in 1981, after I had moved out of the place where I played the album, but while stil in Texas, I heard of John Lennon having been shot: 1981, so it was a year I will always remember. 


By Katrina Wood 2013, edited since


(my name in 1981 was 'Julie'.  I had planned to go to Europe in applying to Rotary, but after I was selected, there were two choices offerred: USA or South Africa. I chose USA, as South Africa had fighting going on at the time, so that is how I ended up in Texas.

Regarding: 'The White Album': I don't think this is the one I had in 1981, for several reasons, one being that I don't remember the song 'Julia' being on it in 1981.   I noticed this, because 'Julia' was one of the names that my parents had thought of for me, and one I'd always liked.  They chose 'Julie' instead.)



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