A questionnaire for a lie detector test

A sample questionnaire for a lie detector test

Qustionnaire to give as a lie detector test to doctors and pharmacists on the subject: illegal medical experimentation on patients.

Developed by Katrina Wood,  as a questionnarie that could be administred to doctors or maybe pharmacists for situations where medical abuse of patients is suspected. It's a serious suggestion -  written for use in the method of lie detector testing (in which  EEG leads are attached to the skull and the brain waves are monitored). The tester looks at the EEG spikes for signs of anxiety or changes in the brain wave as a result of the questions. 

Any feedback on it appreciated.
Or, if anyone wants to use it, or part of it, ask the writer (Katrina Wood) for the copyright rights.

Whats the  background that allows the writer to think they have the right to write such a thing? Some academic background in psychology, interest in writing. It's for a specific situation, not a general pencil and paper test on ethics or anything. It is for EEG lie detector testing, designed to measure reactions to questions. 


Questionnarie (as a sample idea) for : a lie detector EEG test for administration to doctors and pharmacists where illegal medical experimentation on patients is suspected. The questionnaire along these lines:

1. Do you know of any doctor who is doing medical experiments illegally in this country?

2. Do you do medical experiments illegally in this country?

3. Do you know of any pharmacist who has information on it?

4. Do you know of any doctor who has information on it?

5. Do you know anything about this person (name)?  (to a doctor who has said they do not know one or any person being suspected of being a victim of medical experimentation)

6. Do you know the name of the head of the medical council of this country?

7. Do you believe it is okay to do medical experiments on people if they are of a particular religion, race or for any other reason?

8. Do you talk with patients about anything to do with illegal medical experimentation in this country, in any way? (if yes to above qu)

9. Do you talk with authorities about anything to do with illegal medical experimentation in this country in any way? (if yes to above qu)

10. If a patient said to you they were a drug-taker and hated women would you regard that as a basis for them to be ignored if they complained about illegal medical experimentation? (question to a female doctor)

11. Would you ignore them? (follow up question to question 10) (this is a lie detector test, so looking for spikes on the EKG)

12. If a person said to you they 'hated' people of a particular race would you regard them as of less value than a person who said they think all people are equal?

13. Do you have any problem with people of any particular racial descent?

14. Do you have any wish to pay people back in any way for war crimes against humanity?

15. If a person said to you they hated people of any particular philosophy, belief or background would you regard them as of less value as a patient than a person who said they think all people are equal?

16. Do you think all patients are equal?

17. Do you see women as less equal to men?

18. Do you think people who have been accused of crime are of less value than those that haven't?

19. Do you know of any illegal medical experimentation being conducted in this country?

20. Do you tell the truth about other doctors if you find out they are doing illegal things?

21. Do you believe medical professionals should be allowed to have their actions disciplined by a medical council as opposed to criminal law?

22. If you found out another doctor was breaking the law as regards illegal medical experimentation would you report them?

23. (to a pharmacist) If you fonnd out a doctor was breakiing the law as regards illegal medical experimentation would you report them?

24. Do you claim for medical funding in any way for things which you know are due to illegal medical experimentation?

25. Do you conduct illegal medical experiments on patients yourself?

26. Have you ever conducted illegal medial experiments on patients?

27. Do any of your medical friends or associates do illegal medical experiments on patients?

28. Do you think some patients deserve what they get?

29. Do you think some patients are inferior to others?

30. If you walked out into your reception area and saw a dirty and old beggar sitting there with moths in his hair, would you regard it as possible that he should receive less good medical treatment than a well-groomed middle aged woman?

31. Does appearance matter to you?

32. Does the appearance of a patient matter to you in such a way you would treat one differently from the other in any way?

33. Do you hate any particular types of people?

34. Do you enjoy the suffering of others?

35. Does sufferiing of others make you feel powerful?

36. If a patient was heard talking about you in a waiting room critically, would you prescribe anything differently to them as a result?

37. If a patient was heard critically talking about you by yourself in a waiting room, would you be angry?

38. Have you ever falsely diagnosed a patient as mentally ill?

39. Have you ever referred a patient to a mental health person due to personal reasons of your own, such as you disliked them?

40. Would you ever refer a patient to a psychologist if you found out they personally hated and disliked you and had told others this?

41. Do you think the psychology profession in this country is ethical?

42. If you found out a psychologist was lying about a client, would you, as a doctor who is legally allowed to refer patients to a psychologist, report that psychologist?

43. Should those who are described as 'mentally ill' be experimented on?

44. Do you or have you ever experimented on a person who was said to be suffering psychological problems?

45. Do you think people who are said to be suffering from psychological problems are of less value than those who are not said to be?

46. If a new drug was offered to you by a pharmaceutical company and you got 500 dollars for each 10 bottles you prescibed, would you prescribe it if it wasn't necessary?

47. Have you ever prescribed drugs that you knew were unnecessary?

48. Do you know any other doctors who prescribe drugs that they know are unnecessary?

49. If you knew a medical doctor was prescribing drugs that were unnecessary would you report them?

50. Is the medical council of your country reputable and honest in your opinion?

51. Would you complain to the medical council of your country if you knew a patient was being given unnecessary drugs by a doctor who is a friend of yours?

52. Do you think a doctor should obey the hippocratic oath?

53. Have you always behaved honestly in terms of prescribing drugs to patients?

54. Are some patients inferior to others in your view in your medical practice?

55. Should patients who are termed 'mentally ill' be experimented on?

56. Do you hate people who have psychological problems?

57. Have you ever had psychological problems?

58. Are you racist?

59. Do you dislike women who cheat on their partners?

60. Do you hate women who are sexually promiscuous?

61. Do you dislike men who cheat on their wives?

62. Do you think ugly women are less valuable than pretty ones for medical care?

63. Do you think women who spread nasty rumours about doctors should get referred to psychologists and psychiatrists?

64. Have you ever deliberately referred a patient to a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist out of spite?

65. Are psychologists competent to judge mental problems in your view?

66. If you had to choose between a doctor or a psychologist to judge a patient's mental competence, who would you pick?

67. Is it okay to prescibe drugs to patients who have been diagnosed as mentally ill even if they don't need them?

68. Would you report a psychiatrist who prescibed drugs to a patient if you knew the psychiatrist was involved in crime or dishonesty?

69. Is it okay for mentally ill people to be given psychiatric drugs becuase their brains are pretty much scrambled anyway, so it's no loss if a few bad effects occur?

70. Are those patients who tell you they have been to a psychologist treated differently to you subsequently than those who haven't?

71. Do you believe you are competent to judge mental illness?

72. If you knew all the patients in the waiting room were suffering psychiatric problems, would you give them less expensive medical presciptions or generic drug alternatives?

73. Should a person who thinks he has a connection to martians or suffers some sort of delusion, be given less quality physical health medicines than an executive of a billion dollar company?

74. Have you ever discriminated against patients from any particular country versus your own countrypeople?

75. Does it matter if people who have no money suffer more medical problems than those who do?

76. Should a homeless women be given expensive medical-prescription products?

77. Do you dislike people who are religious?

78. Do you dislike people who hate the government?

79. Should people who hate the government be reported to psychologists in your view?

80. Do you believe patients who dislike the political system should be re-educated by psychologists?

81. Do you know of any psychologists who re-educate clients or patients in a political sense?

82. If you knew a psychologist was re-educating a client along political lines would you report it to the medical coucil of your country?

83. If you knew a psychologist was colluding with the government in client persecution would you report that psychologist to the medical council?

84. If you knew the government was involved in political persecution of psychology clients would you report it to another international organisation?

85. Do you think it is not a doctors job to report political crime?

86. Do you think medical methods to alter a womens face to achieve internal psychological belief-change is okay if the women deserves it?

87. Would you use medical methods to create belief-change in a patient?

88. Have you ever used medical metods to create belief-change in a patient?

89. Is it okay to use medical methods to create belief-change in a patient?

90. If you knew some influential people wanted a women to look at other women with envy, for some reason, would you think it was okay to use medical means to change the woman's face?

91. Do you think a woman's face matters to her?

92. Do you think women who are vain are inferior to women who aren't?

93. Should vain women be taught a lesson?

94. Is it morally unacceptable in your view, for a person to be vain about their appearance?

95. Should women be more humble?

96. Do you like women generally?

97. (for a female doctor): Do you envy good-looking female patients and wish you looked like them?

98. Should a doctor who deliberately damages a woman's face through medical methods, be criminally punished?

99. Are doctors above the law?

100. Should patients learn to not critize doctors more than they do?

101. If a female patient tells your colleagues you are a useless doctor, on the next visit to you, would you retaliate in any way if you had found this out?

102. Should pharmacists who know a doctor is lying report that doctor to a medical council?

103. Have you ever reported a person in the medical profession in your country to a criminal authority?

104. Does the idea of a doctor being made criminally responsible seem fair to you?

105. Do you know this person (name of a suspected victim could be mentioned) is being experimented on by doctors illegally in this country?

106. Do you feel it is okay to lie if the reason is good enough?

107. Is it okay for a few patients to be illegally medically experimented on, if it benefits the world, the people of all countries?

108. Do you know of any media organisations who collude with the medical profession in illegal medical experimentation in any way?

109. If you knew of any media organisation that was deliberately suppressing the truth about medical experimentation, would you report them to any international authority?

110. Are journalists a nuisance when they question medical ethics?

111. Are journalists to be kept out of discussions on mental health matters generally?

112. In your view, are doctors more intelligent than journalists on IQ ratings alone?

113. Does it matter if a client is referred to a psychologist who is of a low IQ rating?

114. Does IQ matter in terms of the mental health profession?

115. Who is more intelligent : a doctor or a psychologist?

116. Who is more intelligent in your view: a doctor or a counsellor?

117. If you knew a counsellor who had been a victim of domestic violance in her past life was lying about sexual abuse statistics to obtain funding for herself, would you report her to criminal authorities?

118. Do you know of any mental health professionals who are creating business to fund their own lives at the expense of their clients?

119. Should a counsellor who lies about a client be given a slap over the wrist and sent on their way?

120. Do you refer patients to counsellors?

121. Do you think people who ask questions about doctors ethics are psychiatrically disturbed?

122. Do you think patients who complain to other doctors about you should suffer?

123. If a person who walked into your office was overweight, badly dressed, and from a country you didn't like, would you consider not telling him the total truth about his blood pressure readings?

124. Have you ever lied to a patient about a medical result?

125. If the government told you to lie to a patient about a medical result: would you?

126. Does it matter if a doctor lies to a patient and the patient then suffers if there is no one to catch the doctor?

127. Do you dislike people of the jewish religion?

128. Do you think people of countries that committed war crimes in the past should stay out of discussions on patient medical ethics becaue of their past?

129. Is it worse for a doctor of a country with a war crimes past to medically experiment on a patient than for a doctor of one without such a past?

130. If you had to choose between the fairness of legal punishment of two doctors, one from one country that committed war crimes and one from a country that had a history of no war crimes, would you think it was okay to exonerate the second one?

131. Do you discriminate against doctors of other countries in any way based on war histories?

132. Do you discriminate against patients of other countries in any way based on war histories?

133. If you could get away with blaming another country for medical crimes, when it was also your country who had done them, would you think this was okay?

134. Have you ever framed another doctor for medical crime against a patient?



This is a lie detector test: so it is aimed at eliciting reactions. That qustions are aimed to get a reaction as to truth or false on an EEG machine and that's how they were written. It's not a pencil and paper test for a medical ethics training coures or somethiing.

Any feedback on it would be most useful. Or anyone who has a comment as to if they think EEG testing in such situations is a good idea. It's based on psychology, and I applied my interest in the subject to gear the questions around eliciting a reaction from the person being tested to the questions. The idea is the tester looks at the EEG spikes and can then follow up on themes: racism, beliefs about women, and so on. 

I don't have training in questionnarie development, but the questions are designed to avoid too much ambguity and so are all writen for a single answer to a single question and usually allow a yes or no reply. 


Katrina Wood

(BA psyc, MA psyc, journalist).




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